Why Pinterest Is Important To Your Business

Why Pinterest Is Important To Your Business

Why Pinterest Is Important To Your Business. Did you know Pinterest reached a milestone at the end of 2016? They finally had a 150 million user month. 75% of new users do not even live in the United States. Known as a “catalog of ideas”, Pinterest was once dominated by women.

The video below provides an easy to follow discussion of how Pinterest can help you in your business. Be sure to watch it now.

However, many of the new members are actually men. For every 100 people online, 31 of them use Pinterest; these numbers make it easy to see why Pinterest reached such a grand milestone.

Logging on to Pinterest

Roughly 25% of users log on to Pinterest every day. Three out of ten users visit at least once a week. Pinterest has quickly become one of the more popular social media sites in the world.

If you are a business owner, or just have a blog or website you want to share with others, then you need to pay attention to what is happening on Pinterest.

Members of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are frequent Pinterest visitors. Being a part of Pinterest is a great way to increase your exposure to a world wide audience.

If you have done any searches lately you have probably noticed that Pinterest pages are showing up more often on the first page.

Google Tracking Growth of Pinterest

Google has noted the recent rapid growth of Pinterest, and is taking action. Using Pinterest gives you this completely free way to boost your own search engine results and target traffic to your website.

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board where you pin pictures to the boards you create. Every board is created to focus on one theme or topic; every item pinned to the board relates to the topic.

Let’s say you create a board and call it “5 Ingredient Meals”. Once created, you start pinning images, pictures, videos and other graphics related to various recipes to prepare these simple meals.

Wise business owners have their own websites or blogs. They simply pin images found on these sites onto their Pinterest boards.

Contents from other sites can also be pinned, providing these site owners with social media backlinks.

Free Source of Traffic

If you know how to utilize this free source of traffic, you will enjoy the effort it takes to drive traffic from Google, Pinterest and other search engines.

I am considering a series of articles to help people understand and learn how to use various social media platforms. Pinterest will be the first in the series.

My articles will walk you through each step in creating your Pinterest account. You might have an account already; I will still help you develop your profile in order to brand your business in a manner that will work best for you.

Keywords Are Important in Your Profile

You will learn how important keywords are in your profile, and also show you how to be sure your URL is working.

I will walk you through the steps in setting up your boards and how to make the most use of your pins.

Plus, I will give you inside tips and secrets to improve your search engine results and drive free traffic to your web pages. There are certain methods used in choosing names to use on your boards.

Furthermore, I will teach you the correct way to use content from other people’s blogs and websites.

Because you will want to interact with people in your niche group, I will show you how to find those groups in your niche. I will also teach you how to apply to the groups you are interested in.

Why Pinterest Is Important To Your Business

Pinning your own content, and learning how to comment on other boards and pins are valuable skills that you must learn in order to find success on this social media site.

Once these skills are ingrained and become automatic, you will gain even more vital traffic.

My blog articles will teach you the vital skills needed to understand Pinterest, while helping you work towards becoming a professional Pinterest user.

In no time at all you could be enjoying this popular social media site while generating a ton of free traffic to your website… all because you took the time to read a few blog articles.

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