Why You Should Build a Membership Site

Why You Should Build a Membership Site

When people first learn about the benefits of having memberships, they understand why you should build a membership site. They get excited about the advantages they offer. The key advantage being a steady, dependable income.

However, when you get into how to make it work, there is a big concern, and that is how to get and maintain paying members. The answer is that you have to be skillful, creative and resourceful.

How to Market and Promote Your Membership Program

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Optimize Your Site For SEO

Your membership site should be optimized for relevant keywords so that prospects can find them when they make online searches. You can search Google for guidelines and tips on how to rank for your selected keywords.

2. Set up a Website to Promote Your Paid Membership Program

All you really need is a sales page and a squeeze page. You would need an irresistible giveaway item to entice potential subscribers. You could do this by offering a sample of what the paid members get. It must be valuable content to attract subscribers. You can also strengthen the membership site by link building.

3. Set Up an Affiliate Program

Get other people to promote your membership program to their lists. That’s leveraging other people’s assets to maximize YOUR results.

Your existing customers can also be motivated to promote your membership by offering them incentives to get their friends to sign up.

The ultimate choice is to set up all your members as affiliates!

Make available to them the affiliate tools they will need, as well as training material so they can join now, get results and earn good affiliate commissions.

4. Free Marketing Approaches Can Work Wonders as Well.

You can set up links to your promotional website via a forum sig line, and when you are commenting on a blog.

Article marketing can also be very effective in reaching a large number of people with news about your membership program. You would have to do this via the resource box.

Be sure to use any avenue available to you to promote your membership site anywhere you might reach potential paying members.

And do describe the benefits and services of your membership site in all your advertising messages.

If you can afford it, take advantage of expert copywriters and advertising professionals to get your message out.

How To Increase Membership Sales

To maximize the income from your membership site, you will need a well thought out sales strategy.

1. Offer a Free Trial

Probably the most common strategy, and one that works very well is to offer a free trial. People get to experience and sample your membership content.

They get to know your site, and experience the value first hand, without the fear of getting stuck with a product they don’t like.

Your offer must be irresistible, so people will be drawn to try it out.

2. Several Membership Levels.

Design your membership with several levels, to access different types of content. Use discounts for existing members to move up to a higher level.

Offer higher level sign up at a discount for a very limited time.

3. Annual Payment Option

Offer the option of annual payment, or perhaps even a lifetime membership based on special discounts. With this approach, you cut down cancellations.

4. High Quality

Your membership site should provide high quality all around, and have excellent support service.

5. Use Networking

Use networking for further promotion. Use social media to further promote your membership site by posting quality content and news items especially about promotions you may be running. Add a forum for members to network and seek help.

6. Be Accessible

Be accessible to your members. They will appreciate the personal attention even if they do not contact you.

Why You Should Build a Membership Site

You will boost your subscription fee revenue by using membership sales strategies that work.

As the membership grows, your membership program will become more valuable. You will be able to charge higher membership fees, so long as you always make sure you offers the highest quality content.

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